Visión 2020

What effects will the pandemic have in the city?
Where are the opportunities?
What new projects are being developed?
Is there potential?
Are we moving in the right direction?

On the national stage, Málaga is one of the main locations, and in the short-, medium- and long-term, the key projects of the city will define where the real estate sector is heading. In doing so, it aims to establish itself as key niche on the international level.

New Projects

Santa Rufina

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Antigua Nave Portillo

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Cortijo Merino

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Pacífico 24

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Sánchez Blanca

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Palacio de la Tinta

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Projects 2017 vs 2020


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Torre del Río

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Colinas del Limonar

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La Equitativa

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La Térmica

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Hotel Puerto de Málaga

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Projects on Stand By


Name: Muelle 4

Classification: Urban Land

Area plot size: 6,720 sq m

Main use in the General Urban Development Plan (PGOU): Office+commercial

Objective: Develop a new office area within the city's new prime hub, with sea views and a commercial part to provide services to the area and new work space


Name: Former Málaga post office headquarters

Classification: Urban Land

Area plot size: 3.352 sq m

Main use in the General Urban Development Plan (PGOU): Municipal Level Plan

Objective: Modificación del PGOU para transformar su uso a hotelero y comercial.


Name: Guadalmedina river restyling project

Objective: Transform the Guadalmedina riverbed into a green open-air leisure area. Restore the river back to its former glory


Name: Astoria Project

Classification: Urban Land

Area plot size: 1.500 sq m

Objective: Turn the property into a culture and leisure centre, whit a 1,500 capacity auditorium, green rooftop spaces and a dining area.

Development and promotion of the 360º real estate sector within Málaga, which is growing in a diversified way to become the best place in southern Europe to live and work.

The city of Málaga currently has segments with great potential such as offices, logistics and alternative sectors.

The residential market, on the other hand, is in a much more mature phase and currently has greater prominence.

Where should the city go?

Where should the city go? The answer is clear. For the medium- and long-term, the city must undergo a 360 degree real estate model. In particular, of the segments that are experiencing a greater degree of expansion, the cycle of maturity should be extended. Meanwhile, within this new model the importance of emerging segments should be reinforced.

How can this model be implemented?

The city already has great real estate potential as the investment figures in all segments and the interest of the demand have demonstrated. The city's high quality of life, its average size, infrastructure, national and international transport links and great cultural and leisure offerings all provide a significant boost towards attracting and retaining investment in the coming years.

The first step is to increase the city's business sector by expanding its office stock and logistics space in an orderly manner, adapted to the needs of the demand. Attracting new companies and new workers to the city will increase the potential of the rest of the real estate segments.

In addition, it is essential to have quality rental housing at competitive prices. This segment, which has great potential, has already seen success in other cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. It is one of the main focuses of investment at present in medium-sized cities such as Málaga.

These are the first steps in a long-term sustainable real estate model, which can enable the city to grow towards a promising future in the coming decade, giving it a global real estate vision.

Degree of activity and maturity of the real estate segments in Málaga 2019-2020
Representation of objectives, degree of activity and maturity of real estate segments