Málaga has 35,428 students (including undergraduate, master's and doctoral students). 15% of the number of university students in the autonomous region of Andalusia.

There has been a steady decline in the number of students in general, but the number of registered master's degree students has increased by 45% compared to the 2013-2014 period.

As far as the origin of foreign students is concerned, the European Union contributes almost half of the total (36%), followed by Latin America (23%).

Most student halls of residence are located in the Teatinos area where the university campus is located and where students have access to all services.


  • Bullish investment market since 2017, high institutional interest

  • High developer weight, more than 2,000 projected beds. Scarce investment product in operating residence halls

  • Growing number of foreign and post-graduate students

  • The average price per month for a single room with half board is €760

  • The average size of new projects is 310 beds with SR surfaces of 6,500-8,000 sq m

  • High concentration of new projects in the Teatinos area

  • 9 student residence halls

  • More than 2,000 beds planned

  • 4 new projects

  • Average rate €600/month

  • 36,087 students

  • 15% of all students from the autonomous region of Andalusia




Uncertainty about booking levels for the next academic year and the flow of foreign students in the medium term

Correction in land values

Residence halls have remained operational with average occupancies below 12%. Impact on the profit and loss account

Growth in demand for single rooms, in line with the new offer

Financing. Little known segment for financing, harsher conditions

Residential seen as a refuge sector, open-mindedness of institutional investors